Normally, I would start my story from the beginning. But alas, that isn't going to happen with mine...I decided to start with this, as I have - a first for me - a picture of a spirit. Yeah, that is me, the handsome fella in the picture to the left. So, anyhoo... the background of the picture is this: I have been on a spiritual awakening journey since the end of last year. I have had a lot of encounters throughout my life but never was fortunate enough to actually catch something on film. Back in February, pretty late at night - it was definitely after midnight, when I sat at my desk and did a pendulum divination and 'talked' to some of my past relatives, and guardian angels. After a pretty intense session I meditated for a good 25 minutes. When I walked past the mirror in my living room, my intuition told me to take a picture. It was the next day when I checked it, and say the figure standing beside/behind me. I had a sense that there was something there that night, and this proves that sense right. I have a couple very powerful Medium friends, and they both confirmed that the picture is 100% legitimate.





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